Anemia or Iron deficiency is a very common blood disorder.It is a medical condition in which the red blood cell count or hemoglobin is less than normal, bear in mind that Hemoglobin is the most important component of red blood cells; it’s a protein whose main function is to carry oxygen from lungs to body’s cells through bloodstream.
There are six groups of patients that usually suffer from anemia: woman,  teenage girls,  Vegetarians , Young children under the age of two, Athletes  and Poor absorbers. Some patients with anemia may feel tired, Fatigue easily, Appear pale, Develop palpitations (feeling of heart racing) or become short of breath. Additional symptoms may include Hair loss, Malaise (general sense of feeling unwell), worsening of heart problems.
If you suffer from anemia it is necessary to include natural foods that are rich in iron in your diet to beat iron deficiency easily.  Your daily meals should contain iron-rich foods like red meat, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables, prunes, raisins, chickpea, soybean, liver, nachni, dates, garden cress seeds, etc.
To beat anemia it is necessary to consume foods rich in folic acid, (green leafy vegetables, cluster beans, ladies finger, liver and eggs), it’s a B complex vitamin that is essential for producing constituent of hemoglobin i.e. white blood cells.
In a struggle against anemia it is obligatory to consume foods rich in vitamin C such as orange, guava, amla, etc. in combination with iron-rich foods because vitamin C promotes iron absorption.
Some foods such as coffee,tea,milk and milk products block the absorption of iron, so you should avoid taking such foods along with iron-rich foods. When patient suffer from anemia also need to avoid foods rich in oxalic acid because it hamper the iron absorption. Another reason for anemia can also be deficiency of nutrients like copper, protein, energy, vitamin B6 and vitaminE.


If you already suffer from Anemia it is necessary to include this Natural Food Cures in your daily meals:
Red meat contains high amounts of heme iron, which assist your body to absorb various kinds of non-heme iron which is prominently present in leafy vegetables.
At least two times a week you should eat beef because is full of vitamin B-12, which is required to form new red blood cells, maintain brain function and start several biological processes involving metabolism and hormone production.
Apricots are one of the best remedies around for anemia because contains iron and potassium which plays a vital role in oxygen transportation, regulate cell growth and improve immune system. Also,  apricot juice is often recommended for anemic patients. Drinking apricot juice three times a day can greatly improve your anemia in a month’s time.


This leafy green food containing iron so it can help you fight a iron-deficiency.  Spinach is also rich in vitamin B12 and folic acid, energy-boosting nutrients that the body needs to recover from anemia. A one-half cup of spinach provides almost 35 percent of your daily value of iron and 33 percent of your daily value of folic acid.


Eggs contain a lot of antioxidants that will help in stocking up vitamins in the body when you are suffering from anemia and also are a rich source of proteins. Usually  one egg contain 1 mg of iron and hence consumption of an egg everyday will help in fighting anemia.


Honey is very good for the entire body. It contains a good amount of iron. You will get about 0.42 mg of iron in 100 grams of honey. Moreover, honey also contains copper and magnesium that will help in increasing the hemoglobin in your body.
If you want to improve the level of iron in your blood you should put Nettle seeds in honey and consume it every morning.

•    Sesame seeds are also great for treating anemia due to their high iron content. Soak one teaspoon of black sesame seeds in warm water for two hours. Grind the mixture into a paste and then strain it to get the emulsion. Mix the emulsion in a cup of warm milk, add honey or jaggery and drink it once daily.