Have you ever been lonely in a crowd? Have you ever been perfectly content all alone? Loneliness is a complex mental and emotional phenomenon that has at its base a powerful emotion that has survival value for children. All of us have experienced some degree of abandonment, if only for a short time, and remember the painful and scary feeling that goes along with it.

Feeling depressed, stressed, isolated and lonely has become a regular and normal thing. Many people have a problem finding their place in the world as they feel abandoned, alone or rejected. Rare persons like being alone and they avoid socialization. Sometimes, we feel like we did not truly exist.But luckily there are some methods of how to get over this feeling and enjoy life:

Understanding Your Feelings of Loneliness

First of all, you should identify the reasons why you feel lonely. You should take some time to figure out why are you in this position, why are you feeling lonely. Determine why you are feeling lonely with some of this questions like how long have you been feeling this way or what does feeling lonely make you want to do or do certain people make you feel more lonely when you are around them?

Talk to someone new when you are out.

Nowadays, technology is everywhere around us and people seem to always have a phone in their hands, instead of having real life conversations, they use stickers and snapchats to express their feelings.  If you have this habit, let go of the phone, wherever you are and start a conversation with the guy or girl next to you. You never know until you try.

Make a plan to fight the mental and emotional habits of loneliness.

If you realize you are dealing with an emotional habit, you can make a plan to deal with loneliness. Since healthy interaction with friends is good, make some effort to reach out to others, to initiate conversation and face time even when your loneliness and depression are telling you not to. Yes, it is work, but it is worthwhile, just like exercising is worthwhile even when you are feeling tired or lazy.

Practice meditation.

Some research has suggested that meditation may ease feelings associated with loneliness and depression. Meditation is also a great way to get more in touch with your feelings of loneliness and start to understand where they come from. Learning to meditate takes time, practice, and guidance, so find a meditation class in your area. If no classes are available in your area, you can also buy CD’s that will help you learn how to meditate.

Fight the urge to isolate.

Isolation validates your fears that you are not worthy of the love and support you absolutely deserve. Sometimes you have to force yourself to do exactly that which you are dreading — like putting yourself out there.

Find others like you.

Nowadays there are more tools than ever to get together with those who share your interests. This makes it much easier to identify groups with which you will have something in common, a natural basis for beginning a friendship.



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