Varicose veins are veins that look enlarged and twisted. The term commonly refers to the veins on the leg, but their appearance in this area is not exclusive. They can also appear on neck, arm, and feet. When the veins become varicose, the leaflets of the valves don’t meet properly, and the valves don’t function normally (alular incompetence).

The color of the veins usually transforms in blue or dark purple. Besides being a cosmetic problem because it doesn’t look good, this issue can cause pain, especially in standing position. Most varicose veins are reasonably benign, but severe varicosities can lead to other consequences, due to the weak circulation through the affected limb. Having a lifestyle that requires constantly standing or walking can be the cause of varicose veins, other reasons are pregnancy, weight gain or obesity, they might come with the age. And, on the other hand, you can inherit them through genetics.

At the beginning of their appearance, varicose veins are normally treated with compression techniques, like wearing compression stockings. Also, varicose veins are often accompanied by spider veins and dilated capillaries on the skin, which additionally aggravate the condition. Furthermore, if you don’t treat them, they will spread and develop until symptoms start showing up, such as painful swelling, heaviness in the legs and swelling arise.

When it comes to soothing inflammation and triggering blood flow, one of the best natural remedies you can use is the garlic.

If you include garlic in your everyday diet or if you start consuming garlic supplements on a regularly, with time you will become aware of its benefits. If you want to see improvements as soon as possible, here’s the garlic mixture recipe to help you out.



  1. A tablespoon of olive oil
  2. Half a glass of orange juice
  3. Garlic cloves, finely grated


Combine all of the ingredients and let the mixture stay for 12 hours before you can use it. It’s best to make it before you go to sleep and use it the next day.


Apply the mixture on the affected areas and start making circles with your hand. Continue with these circular movements until the mixture is absorbed into the skin.

Use a warm bandage or towel to wrap the area you have previously massaged with the mixture, and let it sit for nearly fifteen minutes. Very soon, you will experience relief. You can do this as many times you need, depending on the veins and its improvement, until you start noticing the results.