Morning, noon, or night—a smoothie is a treat right for any time of day


Peach make the skin healthy and is an excellent antioxidant activity. Peach contain more than 80 % water and are a good source of dietary fiber. It has a powerful diuretic effect, and it`s recommended for people suffering from gout and rheumatism. Also, have sedative properties and are good for restless children. Being rich in vitamin A, peaches might help prevent cancer.

Mango is believed to be effective in relieving clogged pores of the skin. Mango contains vitamin A (beta carotene), vitamin E and selenium. They provide protection against heart disease. The anti-inflammatory properties of mango might help alleviate asthma symptoms. It`s very good for pregnant women as well as for people suffering from anemia because it`s rich in iron.

Banana gives an instant surge of energy and keeps blood pressure under control. It supports kidney health and helps lower cholesterol. Nonetheless, banana decreases the risk of stroke and improves nerve function.

Chia seed increased energy levels and improved mood. That improve concentration and reduce the high blood pressure, and reduce blood cholesterol. Chia seeds contain a high percentage of calcium for healthy bones.

Moreover, helps  proper digestion of food in the intestines and eliminates the problem of constipation. Have positively affects the maintenance of a healthy body weight and slimline.

Now, the ingredients:

  • 200g slices of peach and mango
  • 100g low-calorie yogurt
  • ½ banana
  • 1 teaspoon chia seed
  • Sugar or honey

Finally, put all ingredients in a blender and mix together 10 minutes.