Burnt-on grease can accumulate on ovens & pans making it tricky to remove. But don’t worry, it’s easy with these simple tips for cleaning your pots and pans of Burnt Grease!

The method you will use in order to remove the grease depends on how tough the black thing is. In addition, we offer you several ways which will help you clean the burnt-on grease easily.

Baking soda

Take the higher bowl in which you can fit in the pan or pot, pour into it 4-5 tablespoons of baking soda and pour water. Cook for 30-50 minutes. Then just wipe the pans and pots. Although it takes more time, this method is proved to be the most effective one for removing Burnt Grease. You can also clean silverware and metal lids with this baking soda method.


Take one potato, peel it and cut it in half. Put some baking soda on one of the halves. Rub it on the pan directly as if you are using a sponge. It is simple, easy and very effective, try it!

Tea bags

Take a dry, unused tea bag, and just go with it on the inner wall of the pot, that has the grease. You will immediately notice that the grease dissolves as if absorbed in the tea bag. 2-3 tea bags and – “goodbye fat”. For this purpose, buy the cheapest tea in bags.
You will notice that the tea bag absorbs the fat immediately.

Aluminum Foil

Don’t have a scrub pad? Crumple up a handful of aluminum foil and use it to scrub your pots.

Natural methods like the above-mentioned ones are much safer and fat better than the artificial chemicals sold on the market.

Source: justnaturallife.com