The roots of the term “cocktail” remain lost in the past. But the initial description we encounter in print comes from an 1806 publication from upstate New York.

It was described as “a stimulating liquid mixture, composed of substances of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters…” Ultimately, some drinkers came to favor a simpler kind of cocktail of alcohol, sugar confused into the water to make a syrup, and bitters. And behind 5 of these Iconic Cocktails, are hidden incredible stories that over the centuries were revealed.

  1. Long Island Iced Tea

In order to make this legendary drink, you need to throw together a drink using rum, vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila, and maple syrup. And every time someone mentions Long Island Iced Tea, almost everyone in the room has a story to tell about it. The Long Island Iced Tea history does not start with the fraternity parties, drinking challenges etc, it is first invented by a bartender, Rosebud Butt.

“The world famous Long Island Iced Tea was first invented in 1972 by me, Robert Butt, while I was tending bar at the infamous Oak Beach Inn. I participated in a cocktail creating contest. Triple Sec had to be included, and the bottles started flying. My concoction was an immediate hit and quickly became the house drink at the Oak Beach Inn. By the mid-1970s, every bar on Long Island was serving up this innocent-looking cocktail, and by the 1980s it was known the world over.”

  1. Cosmopolitan

The cosmo, the favorite drink of Sex and The City women is something different, expressing the feminine side, while still having a strong flavor. It includes vodka cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, and ice cubes. The Cosmopolitan is, simply stated, the best Vodka Sour around. The three uncertain possibilities of its origin are in a bar in Massachusetts, or in South Beach, or Manhattan.

  1. Bloody Mary

A good Bloody Mary mix is prepared at home from high-quality tomato juice and spices that add depth to the drink with specific and different taste. You can also use horseradish, spicy mustard, and Sriracha, Liquid Smoke, Cucumber, Worcestershire Sauce, Celery and Celery Salt, Bacon, Tabasco, Citrus.

However, the drink was first created in the 1920s, from an American bartender named Fernand Petiot. He combined tomato juice and vodka, and wasn’t aware that his mixture will be so popular nowadays. The name was suggested by one of the first tasters of the drink. Though, one of the numerous stories insists that the initial point of Bloody Mary is a wicked tribute to Queen Mary and her cruel, extreme attempts to re-establish Catholicism as the true religion of England.

  1. The Mojito

The Mojito is a cocktail that requires five ingredients: lime juice, soda water, white rum, sugar, and mint. The authentic Cuban recipe uses spearmint or yerba buena. Although the exact origin of this classic cocktail is the subject of debate unlike the other cocktails, The Mojito was not invented by actual bartenders; this mixture was first tried in a natural evolutionary process. The name “mojito” stems from the African word of “mojo” which means to place a little spell. The Mojito took origin in Cuba as a consequence of the undrinkable rum— the solution? The Cubans found it in lime, mint, and sugar cane juice. And voila!

Today, bartenders prefer to hate and avoid this cocktail. It’s messy, takes too much time and it’s not fun.

  1. Moscow Mule

I know that you probably think that Russia is the birthplace of Moscow Mule, but that’s not exactly the truth. It was actually developed on the Sunset Strip more precisely, in the Cock and Bull pub. A liquor merchant called John Martin held a supply of unsuccessfully selling vodka he wanted to get relieved of. So one night, while having drinks with Jack Morgan at the owner’s pub they came up with the thought of combining the vodka with ginger beer.
The Moscow mule is almost always served in a copper mug. And, Martin did a pretty good job promoting this cocktail around the country.