Her name is Andrea Sierra Salazar, a unique kind of princess is taking the world by a storm, not only with her amazing look, delivering a lesson on beauty, and life for that matter.

Andrea started worrying about her health when she noticed a hurtful lump on the back of her neck. Shortly the doctor’s analyses discovered that she had stage 2 Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin Lymphoma. Subsequent, they found two more tumors, the second was located on her collarbone and the third in her chest. Andrea’s life then took a sudden and challenging turn.

Andrea’s life was transformed entirely. She became a warrior and alongside her mom she regained faith and courage to keep fighting this deadly disease.Nonetheless, she didn’t give up her goal and decided to pursue her modeling dream.

This pretty girl is a 17-year-old high school student from Texas. Andrea is a model and unhappily a cancer patient.At first, she couldn’t accept the way she looked without her beautiful hair but she got used to playing and enjoying with colorful wigs that matched her perfectly.

I realized that I had no reason to be ashamed of the way I looked,” Andrea explained to Buzzfeed. “I should be proud. It’s not only about my outside beauty, it’s on the inside. That’s what really inspired the photoshoot without the wig.”


With a little help from her mom and photographer Gerardo Garmendia, Andrea succeeded to send a message about the power and beauty every cancer-fighting girl has. She even named herself as A Princess Without a Wig.

This courageous Texas girl uploaded a lot of inspiring and motivational pictures of her on social media, afterward, her story and photos went viral, getting over 100,000 retweets and 210,000 likes.