Sorry for the over the top headline, but the answer to the question appears to be yes…and please read this whole post, there is something really good at the end.

People who are obese are at an increased risk of health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. A new study says that obesity could also increase the likelihood of cognitive impairment.

Numerous factors can cause undue weight gain, like your diet, how active you are and how much sleep you get. When your body loses Insulin Efficiency, all sorts of trouble gets started.

How Being Overweight Affects The Brain

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh scanned the brains of 94 people over the age of 70. They were looking to see the differences in the brains of people who were of normal weight (BMI under 25), overweight (BMI 25-30), and obese (BMI over 30).

Your brain shrinks and ages

It’s true; being overweight actually makes your brain smaller. On top of that, the cells in your brain deteriorate more rapidly than normal, causing them to look like those of someone older. According to the research published in the journal Human Brain Mapping, brains of overweight individuals look 8 years older. Brains of obese people look 16 years older.

If you were 32 and overweight but not obese, your brain would like you were 40.

And your brain would have 4% less brain tissue in it! It would have 8% less tissue if you were obese!

Don’t think 4% of your brain tissue isn’t a big issue. The “we only use 10% of our brains” line is a myth perpetuated by Hollywood and popular culture. Your brain is complex and works best when it is all there. Less brain is bad.

Brain Days

Losing weight is not something that should be put off. If you’re overweight, there are problems affecting you right now that you might not even be aware of. Your brain is shrinking, your memory can be affected, and you don’t function as well. It’s something that causes trouble now.

Fitness and Sleep plans address the needs of your body and use the latest research findings to help you build lasting habits to contribute to prolonged, complete health. Losing weight is not so simple as putting down the ice cream cone (although that does help). Your body is a complex machine with interconnected systems affecting each other. The best actually doable course of exercise, diet, and rest, however, can optimize these connections to your advantage.

Loosing weight isn’t about appearance, it’s about being healthy. Fat is a pre-curser to various diseases, and since we are a website that encourages a healthy lifestyle, for health and consciousness reasons, we thought it would be worthy to share this info. Perhaps it can give you, or someone you know who you are concerned about a little more motivation to turn their health around.

Another issue that’s not commonly discussed is the reasons that lead us up to abusing our bodies. Constantly consuming junk food, or sitting around all day are signs of the way we are feeling. Many of us do these things to cope with another problem we haven’t really dealt with, and most likely stuck somewhere in the back of our minds. Something to think about…