While you will likely order many different drinks over the course of your life, there will always be that one you fall back on for comfort’s sake. Just like your hairstyle, your signature drink should reflect you and the vibe you exert.


Wine is the most romantic choice to have. If you work right then you may come out to be sensual and warm. It may lead you to a date in a nice hotel with champagne. Wine denotes even health-consciousness.


You’re high energy, high octane, and little bit skittish. You’ve got scads on your plate and are frequently heard bemoaning the lack of hours in the day, or snoring loudly having fallen asleep, empty mug still in hand.


You stand on the outside of crowds and observe. People approach you to ask your permission for various things.

You are generally happy and a tad lucky. Things tend to work out for you. Sure, you have some regrets, but who doesn’t? You work hard, but don’t necessarily want to work that hard.

You are most likely descended from the Puritans. You view drinking anything other than water as “frivolous.” You also abjure buttons as common frippery. That said, you have VERY clear skin.


You can hold your liquor, and you want others to know it. And use your head more than your heart.


You’re a hard worker with a passion for puns and neutrally toned slacks. You recognize the value of finely crafted wood tables and have been known to slap a bartender for presenting you with any cocktail festooned with an umbrella.


Finally, if you a Cosmo lover, Cosmo requires high maintenance and so whosoever has it in the choice is definitely the one who wants to be perceived as highly sophisticated and high class.

 Source: http://www.9viral.biz/story/20575/drink-choice-reveals-about-personality