X-Ray imaging has given us the opportunity to peer inside the human body like never before, but sometimes these visions are better left unseen. But, at times, these visions are more than just a broken bone.Deadly weapons to household objects could be seen inside the body if not handled correctly. From miraculous escapes from deadly weapons to household objects in all the wrong places, these photos have left scores of doctors shaking their heads in disbelief.

Epic Fail Marriage Proposal

How this ring got from the bottom of a milkshake into a woman’s stomach is anyone’s guess. Usually, if your engagement ring is so small it can fit up to a straw, you should save up your money for a little bit longer. You should probably also rethink your proposal – fishing a ring out of the toilet is no-one’s idea of romance.
Killed with a Nail Gun

Back in 2008 when investigators concluded that Chen Liu was in fact killed with a nail gun no one argued with their findings.

A Bunch Of Keys

One-year-old Nicholas Holderman found a way to jam an entire set of keys into his skull and no one is aware how the hell it happened. Just, now the mothers would keep the keys away from their infants too.

Handle of bathroom tap

Chinese man Yi Zhao took a tumble in his bathtub and ended up with one of the taps sticking out of his eye socket. So, he calmed down and took the whole fixture to the hospital along him, instead of taking it out himself, which wouldn’t have helped.

A Spice Pestle

When you walk into the emergency ward with something strange stuck up your ass, you’d better have a good excuse. Clearly, the 40-year-old man who got a pestle lodged up there hadn’t had time to think of one since he reported to medical staff that he had “slipped while cooking Malaysian food”. It’s so stupid it has to be true – and hopefully, he wasn’t grinding chilies with it!


There’s only one thing more attractive than magnets, and that’s candy to an eight-year-old. Haley Lents couldn’t resist these particular sweets she found around the house, only it turned out they were actually cunningly disguised magnets. She swallowed a bunch of them, and then presumably realized her mistake when she started gravitating towards the North Pole.


Well, you might be too scared to lose your iPhone or your smartphone and I bet you can’t bear that thought. It seems that this prisoner in El Salvador certainly couldn’t handle it, and tried to smuggle it in using his own body, with rice on the side.

X-Ray of a Suicide Bomber

A hand grenade in the stomach of a terrorist. Apparently, he didn’t think his plan through very well though because he had no way of actually detonating the grenade once it was in his stomach.

A Knife In The Head

There’s a lot of things the human body can put up with, but this one’s pushing the limits. The x-ray belongs to a young man who bravely attempted to stop a robbery back in 2008, only to get 6 inches of steel through his skull for the trouble. Luckily for him (and unfortunately for the robber), the hero not only survived but was coherent enough to testify in court later.