Love is beautiful and it’s hard to believe or understand how such a small word can encompass our grandest feelings. Do you know the feeling?In this visual of his spoken word poem “The Only Reason We’re Alive,” IN-Q shares a heartfelt story of a genuine, strong, young love between two old souls.But what have reason toIn conclusion, he reassures us that we do not have to wait until we are eighty-five years old to seek or embrace

All You Need Is Love

While the video certainly amplifies the potential power in relationship-based love, I want to first remind us all that true love always starts within.I firmly believe that all great partnerships begin with self-love and acceptance, that each person involved must appreciate themselves for who they are before they can give freely to another.

“Love: the only reason that we are alive, and none of us should have to wait till we’re 85.” 

The poem has been animated into a video produced by Moving Art. It’s pretty beautiful and worth a watch.