The way you eat and prepare certain foods can actually make or break the health benefits they provide. Eating healthy foods shouldn’t be complicated! But there’s a right time to eat every food and a wrong time for some of them. But were you aware that consuming these foods at the wrong time can cause more harm than good? It is, thus, very important to be aware of what to eat at what time to maintain optimum health.

Take a deep breath; you’ll never eat some of your favorite meals and snacks the same again!


Dietitians always suggest that you must avoid eating rice at night since they are high in starch. If you eat rice at night, you might feel bloated and may have trouble sleeping.


The milk can be hard to digest and mess with the timing of your meals unless followed by physical activity. However, experts claim that drinking it during the day can make you feel lethargic since it takes a long time to digest.

Green Tea

Drinking it early in the morning can cause acidity and dehydration because of its caffeine content.We all love green tea as it has numerous benefits, but you can get these benefits only if you drink it at the right time.


The organic acids from the apple will increase the acid levels in the stomach and that can lead to discomfort. Also, the pectin will burden the digestive system at night. Therefore, eating it at night can cause acid reflux.


These fruits are high in potassium, strengthen our body’s immune system, and improve our skin quality. Most of us, especially the health freaks among us, know that a banana is your best friend when you feel low on energy. But it’s best to avoid eating bananas for dinner, or after dinner. It may lead to mucus formation and indigestion.


It’s a good source of protein, reduces fatigue and vulnerability to diseases. But all kinds of meat take at least four to six hours to digest. The meat is high in protein and it might weigh heavily on the digestive system and that will give you a very uncomfortable night. But, once again, it’s not something you should have for dinner.