Blisters are terrible, you are most likely used to having them on your feet, particularly after long walks, but there is one place you really don’t want a blister, and that’s on your hand. For just about anyone that’s ever had a blister, there’s someone who had one worse, but there’s one place you’d never want to get a blister and that’s right on your hand.

How could someone do the everyday activities, with that thing on the hand, forcing you to use only the other hand? Because if anything hits the blister you’ll feel pain, and if you press it hard enough it can even spread out further than it already is. I wonder just what exactly he did to earn it!

If you’re squeamish, then you need to look away now. Because one thing’s for sure, this video clip of a man popping a huge hand blister is not for the faint-hearted.

Ben Caudill decided to share his palm-sized burn with the whole world, by uploading the moment he popped the gigantic blister on Facebook.

Check out the video, and hate me later: