For men, women are a true gift because they are caring, giving, loving, and very often annoying. Women have some habits that are annoying to men such as acting like a child, taking selfies the spending hours in watching in deleting the photos, going shopping for hours, calling him 10 times a day…

But at the same time, men absolutely love some female habits like:

  1. Playing with his hair while he`s driving

Stroking his hair brings him physical pleasure but he also loves the expression of love, need for contact and affection of this gesture

  1. Showing affection in public

Holding his hand in the checkout line or correcting his hair will make his heart beat faster.

There’s nothing wrong with boosting a man’s ego. It makes him feel good about himself and if he feels good about himself because of a certain someone, he’ll want to keep her around. More than likely, he’ll also return the favor.

  1. Pay attention to what he`s talking

This will make him feel loved and love.

  1. Puts her head on his chest

When a woman buries her head in his chest, he feels like a real, strong man who can make her safe.

  1. Sends him an SMS while meeting her girlfriends

If you think about him while you are busy doing something else, like meeting with your girlfriends for a coffee, it will make him feel extremely happy.

  1. Praise him of Facebook

Praising them in public will make him a very happy man. We spend our lives looking for someone who we think understands us the way that our family and loved ones do. If you can assure him, much less show him, that you understand him at times better than he understands himself, he’ll have a hard time leaving you.