Men are crazy about certain female parts, but there are other body parts they can touch if they want to make women go crazy for them. There are nerve endings all over the female body, although they are strongest on the ones we mentioned before.

If a woman is touched on some of those places, it will improve her mood, excite her sexually and give her pleasure after a long and hard day at work. Men should know what these areas are because women can sense please all over their body.

So, guys, there are a whole lot of things women secretly want in bed, but we’re here to help you learn:
  1. Her Hair

Women like to be touched on the hair and this is probably the reason why they go to the hair salon so often. They enjoy the massage, the process of washing and cutting because it relaxes them. The best feeling you can give her is by gently passing your fingers through her hair.

  1. Her Pelvis

When you get close to her pelvis, resist the urge to go all the way in. Tease her a bit, kiss and lick her inner thigh, the area around the pelvis. This will excite her so much that she`ll beg for more. Then focus on some other body part for a while, to prolong the sensation.

  1. Her Feet

Another sensual way to seduce her is to rub her feet. Use massage oil or some lotion. Pay attention to all the parts, the toes, feet sides , nd ankles. Many women find it exciting if you suck their toes, but other are repulsed by this so ask her first how she feels about it.

  1. Her Earlobes

Ears are a strong erogenous area, so go ahead and kiss and gently touch her ears. Feel free to nibble around the area, but never put your tongue inside the ear!

  1. Her Palms

Women use their hands to please the partner, which also stimulates them. If you touch her fingers while she`s pleasuring you, it will make her shiver and you will appear more sensitive.

  1. Behind Her Knees

Probably you didn`t know, but the place behind her knees is very sensitive. You can touch her here even when you`re in public. If you gently touch the back of her knee, under the skirt, she would be very impatient to get you home as soon as possible.

  1. The Small of Her Back

Don`t put your arm around her shoulder, it seems very pushy! When you`re in a crowd, just put your hand gently on the small of her back to guide her through, this will show her how protective you are. While in bed, her heart will start racing if you kiss and lick her down the spine, finishing with a kiss on the small of her back.

  1. Her Clavicle

Another part that looks very sexy on a woman is her collarbone. Show it some respect by touching and kissing it. Do this while she`s clothed, just unbutton the shirt enough to see the collarbone. When you get her undressed, do this one more time.

  1. The Nape of Her Neck

In ancient Japan, the back of a woman`s neck was considered very sensual and attractive, because it was one of very few body wares not covered by clothes. Nowadays, this part is often neglected because more sensual parts are put out there on the open. A gentle touch and kiss from her hairline to the shoulders will make her go crazy!