“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

Young folks very often put off travel, until they are a little older, and when they are either retired or too busy with their work. From lack of travel funds to managing a busy flourishing career, most young adults can quickly come up with a variety of reasons and excuses not to travel. But, little do they know, traveling when young can be quite rewarding and beneficial to them, in a lot of different ways. As a matter of fact, the perks of traveling while young are just too great for them to put off.

1.  It will help you decide what you want in life

It is common in human nature to not know what you really like until you experiment it.  Traveling when young can be a great platform to diversify your experience early in life and to discover what is your purpose in life.  Each country, each city, even each restaurant you might visit is an opportunity to experiment something different.  It is better to realize your true desires and potential early in life rather than realize them when you think it’s too late.

2. Life is short and the world is wide

Life is too short, and you may never have another chance to travel and explore the world. Let’s face it, there is nothing you can do to guarantee yourself a long life or old age. No matter how fit and healthy you are, a freaky accident could happen at any moment, and you may never get to see the places and cities you want to visit.

3.  Travel can be a great supplement to education

With travel, comes language, culture, art, history, politics. There’s such a wide range of learning opportunities that can have a big impact on a young mind.

When my son reads Anne Frank’s diary in school, I want to take him to Amsterdam to see her house. If he studies French, it would be great for him to practice with real French speakers. I’d love to take him to Washington D.C. to see where our government works.

Travel makes what you learn come alive. Learning is often done through words or photos on a page. Travel makes it more real – a physical location where events actually happened and real people live.

4. You gain the ability to see life from different perspectives

Traveling broadens the mind to new ideas. The time you spend talking to a Buddhist monk might make you rethink your idea of a happy life. Or maybe a foreign culture sparked a new idea on how to live better.

Spending time somewhere new takes you out of your ordinary routine. It broadens your perspective by giving you a chance to step away from your everyday life and seeing it with new eyes for a while.

 5. It will make you a more interesting person

There is nothing more interesting than having a conversation with someone who has something to say.  You will not be a blank canvas anymore; your travels will be part of your story as a person.  Traveling creates an interesting story in your life that is worthy telling to all your friends.  Not only your travel conversations can be of great interest, but they can also be eye openers to other people.  At that point, you become an inspiration to those who would also like to explore the world.

6. Gives you reasons to be thankful

Most of us have become too blinded by materialism and our consumerism-filled lives that we forget to thank our creator for all the blessings we have received. But, try to pass by the slums of Mumbai and Metro Manila, and you’ll know how privileged and lucky you are.

7. It shows the value of experiences over possessions

It’s hard to take a lot with you while traveling. You have to pick and choose what’s important and necessary. By doing this, you start to understand that it doesn’t take many possessions to be happy.

A big part of travel is about experiences – the places, people and ideas you encounter. These experiences will enrich a young mind for a lifetime and show that life is more than the sum of our possessions, but the memories we create.

8. Lets you master the art of budgeting

Travel young because it will teach you how to be a frugal and budget-conscious wanderer. Moreover, it teaches you how to be a pro, when it comes to haggling at flea markets.

9. You won’t resent it later in life

There is nothing worse than reaching a later stage in life and regretting not doing something when you were young.  Well, traveling is one of those.  There are many things to experience in this world, so why wait till later in life to enjoy them? There is no reason to spend your young active years just working.  Like they say; don’t live to work… work to live.

10. You’ll get street smart

It’s always good to compliment your “school smart” with some “street smart”, and there’s no better way to do this than traveling.  Traveling teaches you a wide variety of things that can be applied to your daily life –from the most banal to the most indispensable.  When traveling you acquire a unique wisdom that is useful for your entire life.

Source: globotreks.com