Once we meet “the one”, we lose focus on certain things, including taking care of our body and eventually end up not noticing that their skin dress or pants are no longer fit. That’s why, when two people are in a happy relationship, they concentrate on their significant other, not their weight line.

Other reasons include:
  • They don’t have to fascinate anyone new
  • They don’t go to the gym to spend more time together
  • Nobody new has to see you naked
  • They get used to bad eating habits from each other
  • They aren’t as active, preferring to “stay in” with a pizza and Netflix.
  • They’re too happy to notice their pants no longer fit.

Your relationship is going well and you really don’t care about anything else? GOOD FOR YOU! You don’t care about getting into great shape, you don’t care about what you eat and you don’t care about what other people think of you; you’re content. This is truly the best excuse for the possible relationship weight gain. You stop obsessing over what your body looks like and you realize that you’re fine just the way you are. Isn’t a healthy body image what we all strive to have?

A new study from the Research on the National Center for Biotechnology has discovered being happy in love makes you gain weight. Researchers observed 169 couples over the way of four years. The couples were weighed twice a year and provided details about the overall satisfaction of their married life. The study showed that the couples who reported happy marriages gained weight, while those in unhappy marriages stayed slim and ultimately broke up.

So, as long as your health isn’t rapidly deteriorating and you’re not putting yourself at risk, I say, take a breather and enjoy this judgment-free time. It’s so rare that we can feel completely comfortable in our own skin. However, you should prepare yourself for the potential relationship failure and the “I need to lose weight right now because all of my nice underwear give me muffin top” phase.