When you’re next staring deep into the eyes of your partner, the moment may soon be ruined by the knowledge that, regardless of whether these windows to their soul appear piercingly blue or a shimmering green, the reality is that they are brown.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about the science behind blue eyes and why they look blue.

The iris is made up of two separate layers: the epithelium in the back and the stroma in the front. The epithelium is composed of black-brown pigments and is only two cells thick. Some people have dark specks in their eyes. This is the epithelium showing through.

The stroma is made of colorless collagen fibers. Sometimes the pigment melanin is present, and sometimes it contains excess collagen deposits. It is these two things, melanin, and collagen, the determine the color of a person’s eyes.

Melanin- made up of melanocyte cells — is naturally dark brown in color but has the ability to absorb different amounts of light, depending on how much of it there is. The more melanin inside the iris, the more light is absorbed, meaning less light is reflected out, leaving the iris appearing brown.

Everyone has melanin in the iris of their eye, and the amount that they have determines their eye color. There’s really only (this) one type of pigment.

But when someone has blue eyes, they have less melanin in their iris, resulting in less light being absorbed and more light reflecting, or scattering, back out. When this light is scattered, it reflects at shorter wavelengths along the blue end of the light color spectrum -leaving you seeing blue.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have collected research which found that there was a genetic mutation up to 10,000 years ago.

Reportedly, before this mutation, everyone had brown eyes but in one person eye’s, they changed from brown to blue which thus was the beginning of blue-eyed people everywhere.

All blue-eyed people are reportedly related to this one ancestor whose eyes changed colour and passed the trait on to descendants to come.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk