Everybody in the world has a birthstone, a special gemstone associated with when that individual came into the world.Throughout the ages, gemstones were, and still are, considered to have qualities that can benefit the wearer.

Although some of these meanings have shifted over time and by region, our most treasured gemstones have fascinating histories. For instance, did you know that pearls are believed to have a stabilizing effect on their wearer, especially when it comes to relationships? Or that sapphires promote calmness and have a protective quality?

While most of us probably think that our own personal gemstone is pretty, and maybe even own a piece of jewelry or two, lots of us have no idea what our birthstone really says about us. What potential benefits can gain from wearing one of these beautiful colored stones? Keep reading to find out!

January- Garnet

People with a garnet birthstone tend to be a unique blend of analytical and compassionate. This person might fit the stereotype of the “super parent.” They can make order out of chaos with a snap of the fingers, all the while wiping a tear here and bandaging a scraped knee there.

Even if they aren’t a parent for real, they might be the “mom” of the group, who makes adult decisions with compassion.

February- Amethyst

Amethyst is associated with purity, positive thoughts, protection, victory, hunting prowess, intelligence and smart business sense.

The stone is said to prevent someone from becoming drunk. This strange power is associated with the namesake of the stone, Amethyst, who was a maiden who was attacked by the god Bacchus. She prayed to Diana to protect her and was turned into a pure white stone. Bacchus regretted attacking her and poured some of his wine over her as a libation, causing the stone to turn a purple color.

March- Aquamarine

This gemstone is said to have been used to protect sailors on voyages. The color of this gem gives a very calm and soothing effect. The people with this birthstone tend to be peace-loving individuals and like to stay relaxed.

The soothing effect of this bright blue stone can help clear the mind and release negative energy, which reduces stress and is helpful for meditation. As a March baby, you may have heard many references to you being level-headed, confident, or thoughtful, which is right in line with aquamarine.

April- Diamond

One of the most valuable stones on the planet; It is said that a diamond loses its value if not given in love. Better be careful who you give a diamond ring to, might not get much back on the refund! This beautiful clear stone symbolizes eternal love and strength.

People born in its month are fighters, who love being in the spotlight. They are extremely courageous and not afraid of a challenge. If your birthstone is a diamond you might give stage acting a try.


The deep green of the emerald is said to protect the wearer from evil. People who are attracted to emeralds are said to have a good memory, are excellent public speakers and are ambitious. Emeralds are also said to give the wearer the gifts of true love, passion, intelligence, honesty, and wealth.

June- Pearls

Pearls are some of the hardest gems to come across because they are found inside of oysters. June babies tend to have a somewhat happy-go-lucky attitude. They are very resilient people however, their feelings can be hurt easily, whether they let you know it or not.

July- Ruby

Like the gemstone they were born under, those with a ruby birthstone are showy, with a flair for the dramatic. These individuals have incredible self-confidence, and will never shrink back from a confrontation.

Resolutely fearless, they absolutely never bluff, and are always prepared to follow through.

August- Peridot

Rubies are considered to be the King of Gemstones and this beautiful rich red stone symbolizes fun-loving and reckless people. July born people love a good laugh and adventure; they are also perfect leaders as they can easily diffuse high temper situations.

Peridot forms deep in the earth and is actually brought to the surface through volcanic eruptions. According to tradition, peridot represents the tears of an ancient volcano goddess Pele and is said to ward off spells and evil. Peridot also has qualities useful for more modern, everyday maladies such as insomnia, bad digestion, and even depression.

September- Sapphire

This stone is royal blue and symbolizes loyalty and commitment. People born in September have high expectations and standards for themselves and the people around them. These people are very dedicated hard workers.

If the sapphire is the stone that marks your birthday, you might be considered wise, even-keeled, and rational among your friends and family. Another trait you may hear used to describe you is loyalty.

October- Opal and Tourmaline

Both October birthstones also inspire hope and keep away people with bad intentions. Opals have been associated in medieval times with casting of evil spells, poison, bad luck, and even death. Individuals with the opal birthstone are as quixotic as their gemstone. Their lives are never boring, because, though they seek calm and quiet, they get restless easily.

They tend to attract attention, despite their best efforts to remain under the radar. They are deeply intuitive, and may be shy because they always sense the ulterior motives of others.

November- Topaz

People born in November are people who love to be praised by others. They work hard and motivate those around them. These people are very independent and smart. November’s topaz symbolises consistency, faithfulness and friendship, and is thought to have healing properties to help breathing disorders. Found in a variety of colors, the prized Imperial Topaz is orange with pink undertones.

December- Blue Topaz

December’s blue topaz symbolizes strength, wealth, protection from harm, psychic sensitivity and connection to the spirit world – hence its use by many ancient cultures as a protection amulet. Also known for its healing properties, blue topaz is said to take on the properties of its wearer.

Source: healinglifeisnatural.com