Some people have great trouble falling asleep. But due to distractions and some ill habits, people have developed a tendency of sleeping late and waking up early, which disrupts the body’s repair cycle.  Therefore, it is necessary to have a good night’s sleep.

These are the 10 dangerous bedtime habits which you should avoid if you want to sleep better and keep your health.

Avoid exercising 3 hours before bedtime. It stimulates the body and keeps you up at night.

You should avoid buying an alarm clock that has bright numbers. It’s because the light from the screen will disturb your sleep and you can’t fall asleep. You can choose alarm clock having dimmer numbers.

Avoid the habit of sleeping any time of the day. Make a consistent routine and time of your sleeping, so that your mind will be prepared accordingly!

Don’t Eat 2 Hours Before Bed. When you eat, there is a certain amount of time needed for digesting the food. Hence, if you lie down with a full stomach, you won’t fall asleep fast as the digestion process will keep your body awake.

If your feet are cold, they will probably make it difficult for you to sleep. Try using some heating pad or socks to make your feet warm.

Water is necessary for us as it keeps all the functions of the body working perfectly. But if you have a habit of drinking water just before bedtime, you will have to get up in middle of the night to pee and not just once, it will happen twice or thrice, interrupting your sleep.

You should prepare your brain for sleeping, by having a bedtime routine. You can start by going to the bathroom, brush your teeth and wash your face. Your body and mind will be ready for sleep.

Do not read before sleeping, it keeps you up at night. Do it at least an hour before you go to bed.

Do not drink coffee at least 4 hours before you sleep. Do you know that caffeine stimulates your body and makes you feel actually fresh? So instead of taking it at night, take it when you need to stay awake!