Noticing small changes can nudge you into paying attention to potential problems. Our bodies speak to us in whispers, and if we don’t listen to the whispers, our bodies start to yell. Trivial signs are often just that.

It’s when they persist or are combined with other symptoms, that they become important. If that’s the case, see your doctor.

How can you tell if your body is whispering?


We’ve all felt – and dreaded – the after-meal bloat. Maybe you wolfed your food down a little too fast. Bloat is the accumulation of gas in the digestive tract, and, if these symptoms become chronic, may indicate an underlying health problem.

You’re tired all the time

Whether you get five or nine hours sleep, the lethargia is real. Fatigue is often a symptom of other problems and vitamins might not be enough to put more pep in your step.

Hooded eyelids

They may look sultry, but have them checked — the cause could be more than aging or a family trait. If they droop so much that your sight is impaired, this is the one time you can have an eye-lift on your insurance.

Chicken Skin

Chicken skin, or ketosis pilaris, which is caused by too much keratin, is very common — lots of people get these little bumps on the backs of their arms and thighs.

Keratin, which protects skin from infections and other harmful things, can build up and form plugs that block hair-follicle openings and cause small bumps.

If you peer into the toilet and see a lot of yellow, you’re probably not drinking enough fluids. Remember, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages are dehydrating, not hydrating, and sodas are full of chemicals, so stick to water, herbal or green tea, coconut water, or green juice.

You snore consistently

If you’re asleep and it sounds like there’s a 747 taking off from your bedroom, a visit to a sleep clinic may be just what the doctor ordered to make sure you don’t suffer from sleep apnea or have a deviated septum.


Regular bowel movements (BMs) are critical to overall health. The proper range for BMs is three per day to three per week (dependent on diet, physical makeup, exercise habits, etc.) Having to push or strain to move your bowels could be a warning sign.

You’re gassy

Whatever end the noises are coming from could be having issues with your digestion. From allergies and sensitives, IBS or something more severe like celiac disease or Crohn’s or colitis.

Cracked Lips

Cracked, chapped lips are often just a product of cold winter air. But cracks at the corners of your mouth can be caused by low levels of zinc or B vitamins.


As it turns out, how our nails look can reveal a lot about our health. Nails are an extension of the skin and require plenty of nutrients to stay healthy. Nails that look off-color (especially yellow) or brittle warrant a closer look.

Love handles

It’s tempting to just suck in your tummy, but a pudgy middle triples your risk of dementia, as well as making you vulnerable to diabetes and heart disease.